Muse 2 wall tile floor white interior design kitchen backsplash toronto ontario canada

NEW: Muse 2.0 collection

Four extraordinary new finishes of classic marbles are comprised in the Muse 2.0 collection by Unicom Starker of Italy, a re-edition of the classic essence of the most precious and iconic marbles combined with the versatility of ceramics

beige stone wall tile floor kitchen backsplash Holten Impex Toronto Ontario Canada

NEW: Pierre Neuve series

Pierre Neuve is reminiscent of the expressiveness of the ancient limestone stones of the Mediterranean, bringing forth a product with a timeless taste.

green blue metallic metal wall tile floor industrial loft interior design kitchen bathroom holten impex toronnto ontario canada

NEW: oXid collection

A new collection for contemporary surfaces, inspired by the world of minerals and its metallic reflections.

2Hexagon bathroom shower accent wall tile floor toronto ontario canada

NEW: Dubai collection

The Dubai porcelain tile collection mixes lead and smoke tones and contains a burst of very fine, arborescent veining that alternate between white and amber.

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